What better than a toilet solution that cleans all alone? The self-cleaning toilets are ideal for areas with “hard” water, as is often the case for places with artesian wells. Otherwise, even in the city, the self-cleaning toilet allows you to save time by means of an automatic maintenance of surface.


M.S.R.P. as low as $ 1 595.00 USD

  • Fully automated operation
  • Intelligent device monitoring and display
  • High Quality as we own our own molds and control parts quality
  • Every toilet must pass multiple quality control checks
  • Proven Design and performance
  • Lasts for years
  • Uses low profile bowl
  • Cleaning station
  • ABS or Acrylic Shroud
  • Reinforced backplate for everyday use
  • AC power
  • ON/OFF switch
  • PureBain Cleaning Fluid
  • Purebain Tank Cleaner
  • Can be Backlit

Classic II

M.S.R.P. as low as $ 1 995.00 USD

  • All of the Classic
  • Highest Glaze bowl in the world
  • Turbo Clean High-Power Flush
  • AC power with UPS for power outage
  • Build in surge protector

Classic III

M.S.R.P. as low as $ 2 295.00 USD

  • All of the Classic II
  • No longer needs AC outlet. Rechargeable battery
  • Second battery pack and charger included
  • Snap in station replacement cleaning unit


  • 5 phase tank water filter (2 Pack) – 72.95 USD
  • GermBain Triple UV tank UV sanitization – 43.95 USD
  • GermBain Cleaning Fluid (2 pack) – 19.95 USD
  • GermBain Tank Cleaner (2 Pack) – 22.95 USD


Sanitary Sinks

Finish rings, toothpaste marks and splashes of varied materials with our self-cleaning sinks. They will allow you to save a lot of time of maintenance, since they will be clean as you use them!

Sanitary Bathtubs

The bath is probably the hardest fixture to clean. You have to adopt all kinds of positions that are anything but natural for anyone. However, finish with body aches and stretching with our self-cleaning bathtubs!