Always a clean seat!

All in one 20-second cycle!

The SCS Fixtures sanitary toilet system senses your presence. When you leave, the 20 second cycle starts, cleaning and sanitizing the seat and bowl

The SCS Fixtures sanitary toilet

The toilet automatically flushes.
SCS Cleaning Solution is released to sanitize the seat
The seat begins to rotate for 20 seconds

The SCS Fixtures sanitary toilet

Rotation continues until the seat is dry
SCS Cleaning Solution is dispersed as a mist to disinfect the bowl
SCS Cleaning Solution germicide remains in the bowl

Why SCS Fixtures Sanitary Toilet?


Who needs the SCS Fixtures Sanitary Toilet?

SCS Fixtures sanitary toilet answers the increased demand for sanitary facilities in public restrooms and at home – an active antimicrobial surface and mechanical sanitizing reduces or eliminates the transmission of germs and disease.
The SCS Fixtures sanitary toilet also reduces unpleasant odors, eliminates many disagreeable aspects of using and cleaning public toilets and lowers labor and maintenance costs.

What Makes It Such a Remarkable Sanitary Toilet?

SCS Fixtures sanitary toilet combines three innovative technologies – active antimicrobial surfaces, motion sensors and seat sanitation – in one great new product that is setting a standard for excellence and value unequaled in the industry.
With its enhanced round bowl design and optimum sanitizing ability, SCS Fixtures sanitary toilet represents a major improvement on the standard elongated bowl making it ideal for commercial and residential installation.

SCS Fixtures Sanitary Toilet Is Superior To Conventional Toilets

SCS Fixtures sanitary toilet eliminates contact with unsanitary seats and handles, reduces odors, ensures sanitary conditions in public restrooms, reduces staff maintenance time and associated cleaning costs.
SCS Fixtures sanitary toilet low water consumption addresses environmental concerns and satisfies EPA requirements and its ceramic low-flush 1.6 gpf bowl is built by America’s leading manufacturers to ensure quality and ease of installation.

SCS Fixtures Sanitary Toilet Goes Everywhere

The SCS Fixtures sanitary toilet is specifically designed for use in hotels, restaurants, service centers, workplaces and homes – anywhere restroom sanitation and upkeep is a concern.

Efficient Sanitation Solution

SCS Fixtures sanitary toilet uses a product called SCS Cleaning Solution to sanitize the seat and the bowl. Tests show its efficiency in VIH transmission prevention, Hepatitis B, and other viruses*.  It also contains a fungicide stopping mold growth, enzymes to keep the bowl clean, neutralizes odors and cleans your entire plumbing system.

Easy Installation

Connection for SCS Fixtures sanitary toilet are the same as for any conventional toilet with the added suggested requirement of an AC outlet located in close proximity to the system, making installation simple and straightforward.

Maintenance is simplified

SCS Fixtures sanitary toilet requires very little maintenance. The SCS Cleaning Solution requires changing every 1200 flushes or when indicated by the flashing LED. The SCS Cleaning Solution comes in a 80 g solid block contained in a plastic bottle. This convenient package reduces direct contact with the solution and meets safe workplace standards.
*Documentation supporting claims as to the effectiveness of SCS Cleaning Solution in the elimination of common bacteria, viruses and fungus is available upon request.

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