SCS In Negotiation with Western Manufacturer

SCS is presently in negotiations with several potential contract manufacturers to handle the balance of production of a minimum of 5,000 units increasing to 10,000 in the second year.  The addition of a second facility will allow SCS to ramp up to meet its business...

SCS Signs Eastern Manufacturer

The company has signed a contract to complete the first 1,000 units, with production beginning in August for September delivery.  The contract calls for increased production to reach 8,000 units within a colander year.

SCS Receives first Super Glaze Toilet Bowls

SCS announces the arrival of its new super glaze toilet bowls that represent the cleanest ceramic fixtures in the industry.  Their customers that use the SCS GermBain active bowl cleaner should only have to clean this device every six months.

GermBain super clean technology annoucement

SCS announces the first GermBain super clean technology with an active antimicrobial coating on all surfaces of their toilets and appliances with the addition of a hyper spray system that coats the bowl with particle digesting enzymes for the world’s first “flush and...